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Sebastian Weber Dance Company

Sebastian Weber Dance Company

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“In 2017, we created our first production CABOOM out of nothing. Sebastian came up with new methods and Janne, Andrea, Helen, Nik and Michela joined in and supported his ideas. The road we took was bumpy and confusing, but we powered ahead and reached our destination.
Together with our partners LOFFT – Das Theater and Theater Koblenz, we then received three years of funding from the German Federal Cultural Foundation’s Doppelpass Theatre Cooperation Fund. It was a quantum leap! We were able to recruit new company members and produced the pieces COWBOYS and FOLK FICTION. Since then, we’ve collaborated with and been spurred on by great dramatic advisors such as Guy Cools, Lidy Mouw and Steffen Fuchs. All of them have helped us to understand our dance more clearly.
Since 2019, more theaters have begun to support us. A residence at the Hessian State Ballet Company inspired the production TOUCH, in which we dance barefoot on sand. Our productions are always based on current affairs, but we also learn through dance: We explore the ground, partnering, team up with dancers from other areas and find inspiration when we learn and train together.
To our complete surprise, we received the Saxon Dance Prize for COWBOYS and, shortly afterwards, our first project development funding from the city of Leipzig. We’re intensifying our activities in the region, developing introductory and participatory programs for a new audience and improving the organizational structure of the Company.”

Performance organised by Mondigromax:


Choreography          Sebastian Weber + Company

Music                           Werner Neumann (Gitarren)
                                      Steffen Greisiger (Orgel)
                                      Tom Friedrich (Drums)

Composition              Werner Neumann, Steffen Greisiger

March 13, 2021
Festival Dansa Metropolitana Barcelona
Sala Ramon Romagosa. Cornellà

COWBOYS is a furious piece about populists in power. About the rat catchers, who are depicted as lone fighters against the establishment and who are celebrated and sanctified by their “people”. It’s about the thrill of violence, the bizarre clownery. It’s about the power of these underdog stories, and our role in them.

Populism is show. But showbiz is our territory!

With 7 dancers and 3 musicians, COWBOYS is our biggest production ever. It’s rougher and gloomier than the others, erratic, confusing. A mix of exhilaration and requiem. Dancing COWBOYS is an intense journey: It begins as a Western cliché and then crashes like an avalanche, loud and reckless, until a moment of complete silence, where we can start anew, beaten but upright.

To our complete surprise, we won the Saxon Dance Prize 2019 for COWBOYS.

Press quote:

Also noteworthy is “Cowboys” (Cornellà, March 13), in which, with tap dance, the Germans from the Sebastian Weber Dance Company ironicize the North American genre. SusyQ magazine. Alba Anzola

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