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Fondazione Nazionale della Danza
Reggio Emilia, Italy

Managing and Programming Director Gigi Cristoforetti

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Founded in 1979, Aterballetto is considered one of the best Italian dance companies. Made up practically of soloists, all of its dancers have a very high technical level and the ability to embroider the most demanding roles, in the most diverse styles. From 1997 to 2007 Mauro Bigonzetti was its artistic director, 2008/2017 Cristina Bozzolini artistic director and general manager Giovanni Ottolini. Since 2022 Aterballetto has become a National Choreographic Center under Gigi Cristoforetti’s direction.



After years of greater dedication to the work of Mauro Bigonzetti, innovation and flexibility are today a characteristic of Aterballetto’s artistic commitments, aimed at building a repertoire of renowned international creators such as Andonis Foniadakis, Johan Inger or Hofesh Shechter, as well as new choreographic talents such as Giuseppe Spota, Philippe Kratz and Valerio Longo from the same company, along with established Italian artists such as Eugenio Scigliano, Cristiana Morganti and Michele Di Stefano. All of them form a heterogeneous group of choreographers who are arousing great curiosity and interest.



The collaboration between Mondigromax and Aterballetto concluded in 2019.

Performances organised by Mondigromax:

Choreography and music by Hofesh Shechter

Choreography by Johan Inger and music by Keith Jarrett

In Wolf, an old piece of his which he has now recreated for 16 Aterballetto dancers, we find a kind of wild animal quality, running intermittently through the men and women. The overall composition carries us into a totally original and engaging universe.

About Bliss: “The starting point of this new piece is the music of Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert, which, apart from myself also inspired and touched millions of people due to its perfect timing of catching a generation moving from one part of their lives to another.”

December 9 & 10, 2017
Madrid en Danza, Teatros del Canal, Sala Roja, Madrid, Spain


After its success in Seville at the inauguration of the Itálica 2017 Festival, the leading Italian company performed within the framework of the Madrid en Danza Festival at the Teatros del Canal, Sala Roja. The program consisted of Hofesh Shechter’s Wolf and Johan Inger’s Bliss.

Hofesh Shechter is one of the most intense and visceral contemporary choreographers. Perhaps because the music is almost always composed by himself, and is closely in tune with the energy of his movement. The result is a punch, in his words, which hits the spectator like a wave of energy.


Choreography by Johan Inger
Music by Tom Waits, Patti Smith and Keith Jarrett

«As we grow older we often reflect on our journeys and I, for once, look back on my path with a true smile, when things were bright and carefree. Those were golden days!» Johan Inger

June 30 and 1st July, 2017
Festival Itálica de Sevilla, Spain


Choreography Mauro Bigonzetti
Music George Friedrich Händel
Costumes Lucia Socci
Lighting Carlo Cerri

Choreography Mauro Bigonzetti

Music Gioacchino Rossini
Scenography and video Angelo Davoli
Costumes Helena Medeiros
Musical advisor and inserts Bruno Moretti
Lighting Carlo Cerri

March 31, 2015
Teatro Campoamor, Oviedo, Spain

March 27 & 28, 2015
Teatro Arriaga, Bilbao, Spain



Pression / InCanto dall’Orlando Furioso
Choreography Mauro Bigonzetti

July 15 & 16, 2011
Teatro Romano de Santiponce
Festival Itálica de Sevilla, Spain



Choreography by Mauro Bigonzetti
Music by Igor Stravinsky

The program was completed with
Choreography by Mauro Bigonzetti
Music by George Friedrich Händel

April 8 and 9, 2011
Commissioned by the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, Germany




Pression / InCanto dall’Orlando Furioso
Choreography by Mauro Bigonzetti


November 6 & 7, 2008
Teatro Arriaga, Bilbao


Idea  Mauro Bigonzetti and Fabrizio Plessi
Choreography  Mauro Bigonzetti
Music  Sergej Prokofjew

“Why have these two lovers etched themselves so deeply into      our consciousness? Why can we see this story as a myth in the classical understanding? What makes them universal?”          Mauro Bigonzetti


July 20, 2007
Festival Shakespeare, Santa Susanna, Barcelona

July 13 & 14, 2007
Festival Almada, Teatro Sao Luiz, Lisboa, Portugal

May 7 & 8, 2007
Auditorio de Tenerife, Canarias, Spain

May 4 to 6, 2007
Teatro Cuyás, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

June 2 & 3, 2006
Teatro Arriaga, Bilbao

March 30 April 1 & 2, 2006
Teatro Albéniz – Festival Madrid en Danza


Choreography  Mauro Bigonzetti
Music Igor Stravinsky

Choreography  Mauro Bigonzetti
Music W.A. Mozart

March 27 & 28, 2006
Teatro de la Maestranza, Sevilla

Teatro Comunal Andorra La Vella, Andorra


Press quote:


Another success of Aterballetto

As happened last year at the Teatro Arriaga, and this year at the Teatro Cuyás and at the Auditorio de Tenerife, Mauro Bigonzetti’s version of this classic with music by Prokofiev, raised the enthusiastic audience from their seats, both at the Festival of Almada as in the Shakespeare Festival of Santa Susanna. The 20 dancers of the company received a loud ovation. July 23, 2007


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